7 May 2013 - 12 June 2013

From remote times, mankind has felt the need to create sculpture.. Initially, he did it with the simplest materials; stone, clay, and wood.
Wood is a material that is highly appreciate by sculptors for its physical properties in addition to the good results of it.
The wood is carved with a polishing process in order to give a particular form, wich can be a concrete object or abstract.
Many of the most prominent sculptors of the country will participate in the show:
Cecilia Campos, Matías Camus, Aura Castro, Francisca Cerda, Marta Colvin, Patricio Court, Iván Daiber, Vicente Gajardo, Alberto Maffei, Luis Mandiola, Francisca Núñez, Pilar ovalle, Osvaldo peña, Cristián Salineros, Ignacio Valdés, Matías Vial, Lucía waiser.
The show will be open until june 1st.