Antonio Seguí
8 November 2012 - 15 December 2012

On November 8th, A.M.S Marlborough Gallery will open an exhibit of the worldwide famous argentinian painter, sculptor, illustrator, Antonio Seguí. Seguí’s career is composed by a succession of honors,, dozens of prizes from all over the world, participation in major biennials, exhibitions in european museums, and a conspicious role in the international market place. Born in Córdova, Argentina in 1934, and resident in the parisian suburb of Arcueil since 1963, Antonio Seguí, since he was a child, displayed his artistic calling; in primary school his favorite subject was drawing. At the age of 17, with the help of his maternal grandmother, he embarked on his first trip to Europe. Visiting european museums, he received the influence of Goya, Daumier y Gutiérrez Sorana entre otros. In the beginning of his career, was influenced by artists like Georg Grosz u Otto Dix practicing an imagining drawing where sarcasm prevail. Little by little his figure has developed towards absurdity, constructing a kind of theater in wich scene, human being is in movement looking for his place in the world. Caricature and humor replace anguish. Thus, tries to order madness of an ironic human comedy. Some of the first paintings of Seguí, can join to surrealism. In a lot of moments, the paintings recall short stories in wich participate hideous characters, survivors, within a urban environment. The exhibit will show 20 oils on canvas of several sizes.