7 October 2010 - 13 November 2010

A.M.S Marlborough Gallery opened a new exhibition of the recent work, both pictorial and sculptural, of the connoted chilean artist, Benjamin Lira.

The artist, who expresses basically through the color, has always worked with collages, applying objects, papers, sand, board, powder of marble, etc. Hereby it saturates the space.

A narrow parallel way exists between his painting and sculpture.

Lira works the surface of his oils and acrylic until these receive life. At the same time he works the volumes of these heads until he feels that these get alive and breathe in the space with naturalness.

These abstract heads of essential structure, tied by lines gestuales and spontaneous textures, show the striking force and the vitality of mud, transformed by the alchemy of the fire of the oven of high temperature.

The exhibition consists of 20 works of small format, 3 of great format and 6 sculptures and will remain opened until the 13th of November.