Group Exhibition
3 August 2010 - 21 September 2010

From august 3 until september 21, A.M.S Marlborough Gallery will show a collective exhibition of sculpture in bronze.
This process has it´s origin in thousand-year-old cultures, including all great civilizations of antiquity, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, etc. which benefited from this technology. The introduction of bronze turned out to be very significant in any civilization constituting the most innovative alloy in the technological history of humanity. Tools, weapon and several materials of construction obtained major hardness and permanence time that it´s predecessors in stone or copper.
The exhibition will show works of the following artists:
Jaime Antúnez
Francisca Cerda
Gonzalo Cienfuegos
Marta Colvin
Mario Irarrázabal
Benjamín Lira
Luis Mandiola
Matías Pinto d´Aguiar
Marcela Romagnoli
Sebastián Solar
Manolo Valdés
Jaime Vial
Lucía Waiser