AMS Marlborough

With a dedication of over thirty years in the art world, Ana Maria Stagno creates in 1995 AMS Marlborough Gallery, nowadays a prestigious center committed to the diffusion of the arts. The gallery’s architecture design by Cristián de Groote (National Prize of Architecture, 1993) develops its 450 mt2 as a wide spectrum curatorial criterion and a quality selection of works.

AMS Marlborough Gallery has focused in the extension of culture boundaries and its expansion through new markets. The collaboration program within Marlborough galleries all over the globe has allowed a constant exchange between local and internationally renowned artists.

In its spacious three spaces there has been over 120 art exhibitions, among many others: 100 prints by Picasso, oil paintings and prints by Bacon, drawings and prints by Matisse, Matta’s oil paintings from the 40´s and 50´s as well as Richard Estes oil paintings, sculptures by Sir Anthony Caro, oil paintings by Claudio Bravo, sculptures and oil paintings by Manolo Valdés, sculptures and oil paintings by Fernando Botero, and also prints by Lucien Freud and Stephen Conroy.

At the same time AMS Gallery has been a diffusion platform for local artists abroad, such as Samy Benmayor, Benjamín Lira and Ricardo Maffei. The successful exhibitions in Marlborough gallery in New York and also its presence in several art fairs helped to the consolidation of Chilean artists in the International art market.
Ana Maria Stagno also has been dedicated to the coordination and curate of exhibitions for museums and public institutions. In 1994 she organized the exhibition “Contemporary Art from Chile” in The American Society an institution from New York that belongs to the Rockefeller family. The exhibition of Claudio Bravo, held in MNBA of Santiago in 1994, was visited by more than 250.000 people, the same public demand happened as well in the exhibition of Fernando Botero’s monumental sculptures.