Salvador Amenábar
15 June 2010 - 31 July 2010

On Tuesday, June 15th A.M.S. Marlborough Gallery will open a qualified exhibition of portraits " A Soloist, Twelve Women and a Suffering Painter " of the young Chilean painter, Salvador Amenábar Cruz.

A portrait is a painting of a person, it tries to show the similarity, personality and even the state of mind of a person, normally it is an image consisted of a person in a still position. The portrait has been a continuous source of inspiration along the whole history of the art, tradition faithfully followed by the young artist Amenábar from his workshop of the Plaza Echaurren in the heart of the port of Valparaiso.
The show is composed by 60 portraits of diverse formats, the models of which they have given title to this exhibition: " A Soloist, Twelve Women and the Artist Atribulado ". Beautiful and young women in serene and passive, reclining attitudes, of backs, up to dozing; the soloist, a counter bassist, of foot together with his impressive instrument and the artist himself, the own Salvador Amenábar, the suffering painter, across his self-portraits.
The emphasis of the exhibition is put in the colouring fort of red, orange and yellow. His realistic offer includes from very synthetic and outlined pictures that might come closer the abstraction travelling progressively to a realism mas descriptively of fillings and ended plastic.

The exhibition will remain opened to the public until middle of July.